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Motiv Fitness is proud to be able to offer our members nutrition counselling. As well as exercise, diet and nutrition are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling


Living a complete and healthy life is not as easy as just going to the gym. Although that will help, a complete healthy lifestyle is made up of a number of factors that many people don’t necessarily think about, factors such as your stress levels, your inner dialogue, proper nutrition for your body’s unique needs, making sure your workouts are helping instead of stressing you more, the quality and length of your sleep, the quality of the relationships in your life and more. All of these factors can influence one another and are all looked at under the lens of complete, holistic health. Juggling all of these factors is a balancing act but one that is very much worth it, the end product being a happy, fulfilled, and healthy life.

I aim to provide you with all the tools you need to manage your stress levels, your goals, your thoughts, your nutrition/ fitness, so you can identify and manage the problems that will arise in your day to day life.

Cody Barkhouse is a certified Nutrition Consultant and a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and is passionate about helping every one of his clients achieve optimal health and their unique goals.

Currently I offer 3 options for coaching services:

  • 1 month of Nutrition Coaching – $150
  • 2 months of Nutrition Coaching – $275
  • 3 months of Nutrition Coaching – $400

In all of these packages I aim to help you address the areas in your life you feel are lacking or where you feel stuck. 

 All coaching packages include:

  • Weekly zoom meetings to assess progress, address any setbacks/ obstacles, help to keep you accountable and committed, and help you get clear on your goals and how to get there!
  • A starter information package that provides you with information on how your nervous system influences your feelings and life, the breakdown of all the macronutrients and the ability to ask me questions through social media and receive quick replies to any problem that may come up.
  • Book and video recommendations for your continued learning.
  • Provide you with an ongoing assessment to identify and address your body’s unique individual needs and how to fuel it properly for optimal mental and physical health.

Are you ready to live a healthier life?

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